Understanding The Basics Of SEO

SEO grows businesses

**Cheap SEO kills businesses***

This might just be the biggest ‘AHA’ moment ever..
We are living and breathing business in a scary time right now and it’s when your senses need to be up, because here comes the snakes.
So this is why SEO is the single most important thing your business should be investing in.

Let me break down the image first – so it all makes sense and then you’ll think yeah, and at the end of this post i’ll give you a way to get a FREE review so you know where you stand!

But first…..

This brand right now has 16,400 keywords [KW] ranked inside google and each one is driving traffic to their website accumulating in 385,000 ‘clicks to site’ a month [call that targeted *385,000 leads also].

Far right of the image you see;

2,743 keywords are ranked in google between position 1 and 3 ORGANICALLY.
2,340 keywords are ranked in google between position 4 and 10 ORGANICALLY.
11,761 basically on page 2 and worse.

Now lets go back to that 385,000 clicks to site a month.

Let’s say they convert 5% [Google traffic converts higher than normal Ecommerce stats] that’s 19,250 sales per month. Let’s just say thats an average over of 100 USD per order.

**= 1,925,000 a month in Organic revenue.**

Now we are left with 365,750 leads that did not buy and can be retargeted as they have been pixeled.

So lets say we convert 5% of them that’s 18,287 sales per month.

Again at 100 USD average order.

**= 1,828,750 a month in retargeted revenue.**
[this is a low number for retargeted traffic]

Month total before any email marketing, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, social marketing

**= 3,753,750 [yes nearly 4 million]**

Now how does cheap SEO kill businesses?

It has no strategy, it has no direction, it focuses on 1-4 keywords that are hard to rank and won’t get to page one and if i’m honest are run by agencies who see you as a cash cow.

Some don’t even have an OFF page strategy which is where the magic happens. ON page is like making sure you have football boots on for a football match [prepared right but doesn’t make you a pro]

Excerpt from Paul Brand (

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